Living Room’s Moonchaser Now Available!

Photo by Andrew Wells, 2014

It’s been a little more than a week since Living Room officially released Moonchaser, and we couldn’t be more proud of how things turned out. Not only does the record sound enormous, it also looks beautiful–artwork, vinyl, the whole sha-bang! …It just took a little longer than we hoped to get everything. The printer where we ordered jackets ran a few days late, and the plant that pressed the records ran a few weeks late. Yeah, it’s a little annoying, we know. But the wait was definitely worth it.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Moonchaser yet, pick up a copy from our Storenvy site or our Bandcamp page. You can buy the vinyl in three gorgeous variants; you can also pick up a CD for the same price of the digital download, including shipping! Deal-city!

The boys in Living Room have spent all of August on the road and seem to be having a rad time. They’ve also been selling a ton of records. In fact, there was such a high demand for the test presses they brought with them that they limited sales to two per night until they sold out. Luckily, they landed in California the same day that our plant pressed the records and were able to pick up their copies of Moonchaser while they were out there. Be sure to check out Living Room if they’re heading your way.

Our buds in Among Giants were on the road this summer too, and will be playing a couple more shows in Orlando before the summer ends. Their EP Back and Forth is still available on our Storenvy site or our Bandcamp page as well.

We’re also carrying some neat distro in our stores these days, including a cool limited edition copy of Big Awesome’s Birdfeeder EP pressed by German label Happy Little Trees; we’re selling it for them over here in the States because shipping costs from overseas can be crazy. A great band, a great record, and a great label, so pick it up if you can.

We’re already looking toward our third release, but we’re working out some details first. Stand by for some fun news soon. In the meantime, keep listening and keep supporting the little guys who pour their hearts into their music, their art, and their passions.


Moonchaser Pre-Orders and Premiere

Living Room

Good news! Living Room’s debut full-length Moonchaser is finally up for pre-orders in our store. To celebrate, we teamed up together with the AV Club to premiere “The Physics of Intention.” Man, what a rad song.

You can pre-order the physical LP in three rad variants (white, clear, or purple and white starburst) at our Storenvy site; you can also get a bundle with a sweet tee-shirt for a $20. That’s a rad deal. We are the masters of the cheap bundle!

Also, you can pre-order the digital record from our Bandcamp page for $8 (again, rad deal). Not only will you get a download of the full record the day it’s released, but we’ll also send you a song here or there along the way. Pre-order now, and you can get an immediate download of “The Physics of Intention” to jam out on your iPod.

We should also give official props to Charlie Wagers, who made the incredible artwork for Moonchaser. He wrote a little about it on his site, so check it out here. As if this record wasn’t awesome enough, Charlie’s art really pushes it over the top. Hats off, man.

It’s almost been a year since we first heard this incredible record, so the fact that it’s finally seeing the light of day is so fulfilling and exciting for us. Please pre-order the record and help us spread the word!


Among Giants’s Back and Forth Available Now!


It’s been almost a week since since Among Giants’s Back and Forth was officially released and, as of today, all of the records ordered before and just following the release have been shipped! Over the weekend, those dudes played a rad release show in their hometown with a bunch of other great bands. We’ve said this a million times, but here it is again: We’re so proud that Back and Forth  is our label’s first release, and we’re so happy to be working with those dudes in Among Giants.

If you haven’t yet, it’s a good time to order Back and Forth in our store (or download it from our Bandcamp page). We also are carrying the band’s split with our friends in Aspiga; released last year on Say-10 Records, it’s a great compliment to the EP. Also, Adam at Say-10 is just the best dude, and you should check out more of what he’s putting out.

We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up soon, including pre-orders and premieres of Living Room’s LP. We just approved reference lacquers for the record and everything is ready to be manufactured. That record is going to blow some minds, and we can’t wait until it finally sees the light of day!

Be sure to keep up with what both Among Giants and Living Room is up to on their Facebook pages; they’ve been busy and are getting busier. And don’t forget to follow us on said social media platform.


Back and Forth Pre-Orders and Premiere

Today is an exciting day! First of all, our stores are officially live.

Visit our Storenvy site to buy physical music!

Visit our Bandcamp page to by digital music!

Of course, the reason they are open is because we finally have music to sell. Among Giants’s 7” EP Back and Forth is officially up for pre-order! You can pick up the 7” in three cool colors (transparent green, opaque white, and green/white marble) for $5, or you can pick up a tee-shirt bundle, including the record and a limited edition tee-shirt, for $10! Admit it: That’s a mega deal. Where else can you get a record and a tee-shirt for that price?

Not really into physical music? We have you covered: Pre-order Back and Forth on Bandcamp, and you can get an early download of “Hardwood Floors.”

Still need to be sold on Back and Forth? The good eggs at New Noise premiered another song from the record today; “Art School” kicks off the second side of the EP with a bouncy, turbulent energy. Go and check it out!

We’ve been waiting months for today to happen, and we hope that you’re excited as we are! Thanks for helping us with launching this label and supporting musicians that deserve to be heard!


Welcome, Living Room!

It’s been official for a while now, but we’re really excited to finally announce that Brooklyn, NY’s Living Room has been officially added to the Jetsam-Flotsam roster.

We met the dudes in Living Room a couple years back after they released their debut EP Dream Journal. But, even then, we were wondering why someone hadn’t officially released any of their music yet (at least Better Days Will Haunt You had the good sense to release it on cassette; those guys do that format right).

The band pushes melodic finesse to the breaking point; their brand of punk-rock is delicate and explosive at the same time, the result of heartfelt and raw songwriting. Simply put: They wail.

Back in 2012, we knew they were writing and recording  a full-length, but we were blown away by the record that they eventually sent to us, which we’ll be releasing in the summer. More on that soon.

Like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and download Dream Journal for free; it’ll help you prepare for the enormous album they have coming down the pike.